Mary Approaches Us As A Loving Mother in Her Apparitions  


     Over the years, Mary has appeared numerous times to her children on earth.  Her message has given consolation and guidance during difficult times, reminders to how to please her Son and God the Father, and assurances of her motherly concern and love.  

     In an apparition, the heavenly person is actually seen, and communicates a message which usually reveals the need for people to do certain things.  For example, the Mother of God has appeared in more than a few cases, asking the people of the world to be more aware of Christ's teaching, to be more prayerful, or to do penance.

     Apparitions are not immediately accepted officially by the Church.  While some persons may feel they must believe, the Church usually waits for a sign to authenticate the apparition; perhaps even a miracle.  Then, some time usually passes before the apparition is officially recognized to have taken place, and that its message is not harmful or contrary to the faith entrusted by Christ to his church.  Even then, Catholics are not obligated to believe in the apparition.  

    The church has studied the following apparitions of Mary among others, and after careful study, has declared them to be authentic and worthy for our attention and response.

Banneux, Belgium
Beauraing, Belgium
Dong Lu, China
Fatima, Portugal
Guadalupe, Mexico
Knock, Ireland
La Salette, France
La Vang, Viet Nam
Lourdes, France
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, France

An Angel visits her
Humanity of Mary's Son
Divinity of Mary's Son
Mary leads by example