Apparitions of Mary
LaSalette, France

Mary Approaches Us As A Loving Mother

     The French Revolution and Napoleon for a time in 1789, crippled the institution of the Church in France and held up for a time the accomplishments of the human mind, saying the accomplishments of the human mind substituted for belief in God.  The result of this error was a decline in the practice of religion, poor attendance at Mass, less frequent reception of the sacraments, and little thought of Godís place in the affairs of daily life.

     In September of 1846, two children, Melanie, and Maximin were watching cattle in the French Alps near the town of LaSalette, when they noticed a bright circle of light surrounding a most beautiful woman who was wearing a shining crown, and a dress which dazzled with light.  But she was sitting and crying.  As they looked, she asked them to come near to her. 

     She told them that her Son was angry because people did not obey Him.  People worked even on Sunday, the day which He had said was reserved for Himself.  Others cursed and swore, using His name in anger.  People complained when they were punished by poor harvests.  She said that unless they changed, a great famine would come.  The potatoes would rot, and the grain would either be eaten by animals, or crumble into dust.  Children would die, and the adults would pay for their sins by hunger.

     She asked Melanie and Maximin if they prayed.  When they replied hardly at all, she told to say each day at least one Our Father and a Hail Mary, but more when they could.  Then she rose into the air and disappeared.

     After they told their story in the village, an adult went to the spot where the lady had spoken to them and found a spring of fresh water gushing out of the ground.  Some of this water was given to a very sick woman who was perfectly healed.   Soon, other cures followed.  Most people believed that the Blessed Virgin had appeared to give them a warning, and many came from throughout France to pray.

    A basilica was constructed at the scene of the apparition, and soon thousands from France, Europe, and the world came on pilgrimages to pray.  The Mother of God under the title of Our Lady of LaSalette had granted many graces and favors to those who ask her.  Mary has called us back to Jesus, to pray and to do penance.  This is the only way punishment for our sins can be averted.